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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
To be fair, I'm not a PC guy. I prefer to shop smart, not siloed.

A Mac costing more does not correlate to a Mac being of higher quality. I can do just as much on a Windows or Linux based computer as I can using OSX in any variation. Different strokes for different folks, J.

And I wouldn't use the car analogy, cause a Mac is NOT a BMW, or Mercedes, or Acura, or any kind of luxury-like item, it's a computer. Just like a Windows-based computer, Macs have "players" in the low-end side (by specs, as Mac doesn't know low-end price), much like a PC (Asus, Acer, Gateway, Dell), it's just that the Apple "Brand" assumes quality, when in reality, it moreso represents smoke and mirrors.
Again, my point is on choice. We make choices in life. Whether it be a Mac or PC or a Honda over a BMW.

As for Macs and quality? In my opinion Macs are better quality than most PC laptops. Everything from material to design. I cant speak for others, but none of my macs have ever had any issues aside from me draining batteries like a mofo (based more on use). The only time I buy a new mac is when im looking for a new one, not because my old is bunk!!

Apple as a brand is more about recognition of quality product. There is no smoke or mirrors to that. Its just simple brand recognition that is associated with quality. I dont make it up, the consumer market notes that. Hence why apple has such a loyal following. I bring this up because one of my recent projects was studying the loyalty of brand recognition. Believe me it has less to do with "misinformed" consumers and more with "happy/satisfied" consumers. Whether marketing plays a role or not, recognition and support comes from a consumers past experience than it does from being misinformed.
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