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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Again, my point is on choice. We make choices in life. Whether it be a Mac or PC or a Honda over a BMW.

As for Macs and quality? In my opinion Macs are better quality than most PC laptops. Everything from material to design. I cant speak for others, but none of my macs have ever had any issues aside from me draining batteries like a mofo (based more on use). The only time I buy a new mac is when im looking for a new one, not because my old is bunk!!

Apple as a brand is more about recognition of quality product. There is no smoke or mirrors to that. Its just simple brand recognition that is associated with quality. I dont make it up, the consumer market notes that. Hence why apple has such a loyal following. I bring this up because one of my recent projects was studying the loyalty of brand recognition. Believe me it has less to do with "misinformed" consumers and more with "happy/satisfied" consumers. Whether marketing plays a role or not, recognition and support comes from a consumers past experience than it does from being misinformed.
Apple's brand recognition is so prominent because they were once an innovative company. The iPod revolutionized how we listen to music, iTunes revolutionized how we obtain and access our music, and the iPhone basically joined those two forces, while adding a tertiary, yet most important quality, cellular chip. Because Apple got such an early lead in these markets, there was plenty of time for them to build and maintain a strong userbase. And because of this strong userbase, people are less willing and more reluctant to jump ship from something they know how to use, to something that works better.

Innovation becomes less important when you've turned the consumer from a person to a lamb. I was once part of the Apple flock, but with all of the bullsh!t product they've released, and all the lies they've spewed, they've turned into a mass of garbage.

Granted, I speak out against Apple more than for, but that's because they've given up on being innovative, and moreso turned to a company that releases new product because A) people will buy it, and B) people will buy it.

Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
When did this conversation turn into Mac vs. PC?

I don't know why, but I have to share this

MacBook Air (Parody) - YouTube
It usually ends up that way when J and I get involved. Since the OP got his answer already, we took the liberty to beat a dead horse

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