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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
Apple's brand recognition is so prominent because they were once an innovative company. The iPod revolutionized how we listen to music, iTunes revolutionized how we obtain and access our music, and the iPhone basically joined those two forces, while adding a tertiary, yet most important quality, cellular chip. Because Apple got such an early lead in these markets, there was plenty of time for them to build and maintain a strong userbase. And because of this strong userbase, people are less willing and more reluctant to jump ship from something they know how to use, rather than something that works better.

Innovation becomes less important when you've turned the consumer from a person to a lamb. I was once part of the Apple flock, but with all of the bullsh!t product they've released, and all the lies they've spewed, they've turned into a mass of garbage.

Granted, I speak out against Apple more than for, but that's because they've given up on being innovative, and moreso turned to a company that releases new product because A) people will buy it, and B) people will buy it.
On the first highlight. Apple never had an early lead. When Apple came to the market place with their iphone, Nokia N series was killing the market. HTC was still making bulky flip versions of their supposed smartphone via Kyocera. Blackberry was touting their secure server with BBM. Just who in the marketplace was actually offering any device on a social level that gave you everything? You're right they merged 2 great products into 1. Thats not innovation. Thats logical. Combine 2 "need to carry with me" products and sell them on another platform!!

The iphone does as much as any smartphone on the market does. The consumer has become too anxious for the next thing. The impatience leads them to believe companies are too behind the curve for their consumption rate. This has more to do with maximizing revenue potential and future forecast than it does with keeping up with the curve. From a business point, makes total sense. Why cannibalize your own product by putting something out that is better than cheaper when the original is still selling? This is what killed Siemens / Nokia off pretty fast.

It just gets old hearing how apple hasnt put out something crazy life changing yet those who cry about also tote how samsung is awesome yet they keep putting out the same thing with a new name. S1, S2, S3, Note1, Note1. They play the same game but get a free pass!!

The most important thing to note is that the choice is out there! Everyone has choice!

The the OP.. all you have to do to find what fits best for your needs is start with the top priority basics. Budget, Quality and what makes you happy!

Ive said this before and say it again... Why spend $700 on an item and question yourself on why you didnt spend $1500 for the item you really wanted...when you can spend $1500 on it and be happy. Spending $700 for something that you dont want is a waste or money.
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