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Originally Posted by Lak Lim View Post
Personally, I don't think the exposure has that big of an impact at comic conventions unless you were at a card show, where people actually know about the hobby. The majority of comic book con goers still have no idea. I rarely sell sketch cards at a comic convention. If I sell 2, its a VERY good day lol But I at least try to educate people about them whenever they stop by my table. Hopefully I was able to plant a seed for a future collector. Most of them think the cards are prints until I point out that they're actual drawings. So for me, at least, there isn't really much of an more of an opportunity created by sketch cards at the cons I've been to ( Probably because I've never had a table at a card show) As an example, below are the things I bring to a comic convention, before and after having done official sketch card work. And what is usually the result of my total sales.

I realize that I am the exception that proves the rule here, but I go to comic book conventions just to buy sketch cards. I also collect sketch covers, but that came after sketch cards - and my selection is usually based on price. If I see work I like and the cost of a sketch cover commission is only twice as much as a sketch card, I go with the cover every time... what a deal!

As for card shows... well, I've only been to one - Philly Non-Sports this past October. I was pretty disappointed overall and wish I passed on the show and spent all my money at NYCC one week prior. There were a couple of talented artists there doing sketch cards, but it was Mars Attacks focused and I didn't collect that set. Besides that, most of the show was dealers that were way overpriced compared to eBay. I'll go back in May though The artist line-up is just nuts!

I don't buy prints
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