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Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Because those who are offering coupons get a $5 referral credit if people send in 500+ cards. They aren't sending these coupons out of the goodness of their hearts, lol

Details here: $20 First Time Seller Coupon + Referral Program | COMC Blog
Such a pessimist. While it is true that there is a $5 referral credit I would send them out anyways. COMC sent them to me unasked for. I would rather members here can save $20 than for me to just throw them away. Plus, the referral only kicks in when the person sends in 500 cards which not everyone will do. So I venture to gain what, $15 in credit? I am out stamps and envelopes now for probably $2 so I am down to $12 if all three people send in 500 cards. I have $20k worth of BV cards on the site so $12 does nothing for me. How about I just like to help people? I don't know why so many people around here always need to be so angry and negative. Was there something you were trying to actually add to this thread or are you just trolling?

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