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Yeah post was from Miranda, just saw it.
This is going to be a tricky and expensive set to put together.
Even if someone opens 7 cases (I'm so jealous of that person!) the chances you would get all 7 main cast would be next to impossible.
Since there's 20 autos, take of the 7 main cast, is 13 autos, hope they are distributed evenly between cases so we get no doubles in a case of the lesser autos. Only time will tell I guess. Bit disappointed that it's only 1 main cast per case, no offence to Raj and Howard but wouldn't want to be the one pulling them as we all know they are going to be the lesser of the 7.

Besides my case I have 5 seperate boxes coming from 2 different sources, so fingers crossed they are the boxes with the big hits in them! Good luck to everyone with their breaks next week.
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