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I'm amazed at the price of wrestling cards now.

Around 2005 I really bulked up my collection, then a couple years later I sold everything.

I actually pulled a Hogan WCW/NWO auto from a few packs from a LCS in 1998. I wouldn't have sold it if Hogan signed it correctly - I had the version signed on the back. I believe I got about $150 for it.

Around 2005 I picked up a Taker War Booty auto for $55 dlvd, sold it for around $150. I bought an Eddie Guerrero for $100, sold for $200..

Bret Hart for $50 - $100
Hart & Nash for $95 combined - I think I got close to $200 combined
I bought some boxes around 2005, pulled a Savage and Elizabeth, sold them together I think for about $125.

I bought a Rock and Owen Hart Comic Imagez autos in 1998, sold them in 2007 for about $40-50 each.

I also remember around 2005 you could buy all the Austin Fleer autos you wanted for $20 each.
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