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Default **Live** Break @ the Office - 2012 SP Signature

My wife...bless her heart...she sees our internet history and the hours I spend on this forum and on, yet when she goes to surprise me with a gift certificate for some cards, she gets it for the wrong online retailer

It's ok...she is better looking than I am so you deal with these minor failures from time to time...

I had busted 2 of these with Catcherball and IndyKMB last month with mixed results but the singles sell OK on COMC and I don't have to store any base from the breaks so I figured I'd give it another shot. 9 auto's for under $120, not bad.

Gonna bust a pack in a couple minutes then the rest later after my morning calls. The bonus packs of UD retail yielded nothing of note.

Wish me luck


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