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Originally Posted by japes3 View Post
I like the Sony family has one and has never had a problem with it.

I am looking to go that route.

I just don't really know what I need or don't need for that matter.

I don't want to get anything touch screen, I do not need that.

I mainly use my computer to sell stuff on ebay. Use the internet. And use it for work purposes -- Microsoft and such.

I do not play games on the computer or anything.

What kind of memory, and ram should I be looking to get then?

I appreciate any and all opinions, thanks.
If you are just going to use the laptop for the internet and office, you don't need much of anything. I would by a used latitude for like $200 (have one of my own for the exact same reason) Has worked great for years with no problem.

If you are deadest on a Sony Vaio, then get the cheapest one possible.

Here is a good link
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