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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
Well the newest account went NARU. Judging by the feedback it was probably due to many non payment strikes.

eBay Feedback Profile for montelbonjeremy

Considering he won a lot more than feedback was left for, I'd almost guarantee it was for that. Since ot's a NARU account the previous bids don't show up, but there was nearly 2 full pages of won items.

My only question ebacardi, is where you get the stones to call somone else out for poor business practices? This is atleast the 5th id that I've found that you have had tons of retractions and no pays on. I'm positive there are plenty that I don't know about.
so I attempted to open a 2nd account not that long ago as I was finally going to split up my selling and buying accounts but man, they just wanted way too much information and time to get it all done (not to mention getting paypal registered and approved to for new users which then adds limits). I don't see how anyone can keep making new names and get away w/it so often. I mean does he keep moving and chaning his name? how can ebay not see it is the same person, same address, same IP, etc. god I used to have to call them or change my password when I logged in from different computers because they would lock me out.

seems like WAAAAY too much work and someone has WAAAAAY too much time. Its a shame as dude has some harpers auto redemptions I would want to try and buy but knowing who he is I won't touch them.

I also guess i'm not as creative to keep coming up with user ID's too.
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