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I get 4.00 over spot all day in the shop and I trade at spot to people I trust, like Sean.

You need to put on your big boy pants and be aggressive.
Get your price in mind and post it, don;t beat around the bush hoping to save 1.00 per coin
"Right around spot" shows hesitancy and focus on saving a few bucks.
When I buy, I pay 80% of spot but I also buy Jewlery, Gold,platinum,etc.
Here are some buying guides

Offer to pay spot +10% if you want to be able to aggressively buy as an average Joe.
Offer to pay spot +1 +shipping + PP fees.
Will save you a few pennies on the low end but if you find 50 rounds It will save you 70-90.00
People want to sell to people who are firm in their position. They peter about with unsure people and then you have 2 people trying to get the best deal and it becomes a waste of time.
I miss buying offers all the time but I buy all the time. I turn over 200 ounces a week by my stance on buying and selling.
Be aggressive,be direct and do not sweat pennies.
A nice little incentive, post that you have XXXX to spend and you are buying for silver investment not collectible investment then post sales to the total number so people can see how much you have left. It will encourage sales a your listed pot begins to get dry.
By posting prices and terms you avoid a bunch of the titty baby BS as well and you dont have 20 PMs back and forth that end up in a bust.
Remember, you are doing this to invest, not make best of friends. I recently tried to take care of a member as well as get some legos I had an interest in. His standing here as well as my general personality put me in a 2 week debacle of PMs back and forth that ended up in me hurting his feelings and walking away.
I broke my own set of rules by altering them towards a person who I have chatted with before and like.
You can be friends, but as my dad is fond of saying, Business is business.
I do take care of people that I like,but I am advising you keep it strictly business until you get near your mark . Do not let what SEEMS to be a killer deal influence your business purchasing model...and do not let anyone talk up a collectible coin. They always do that
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