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Originally Posted by VeedonFleece View Post
He did add something to the thread. I know you guys were altruistically handing out coupons but it's the first I knew of any referral program. I would've mentioned it in my OP to avoid people thinking I was doing it for some ulterior motive. Alternatively, you could always wait until somebody mentions it and then accuse them of trolling.

Edit: Also, as you like to help people, why not mention in your OP that the coupon isn't necessary for first time submissions?
If you look back through my posts I have mentioned on many occasions that if you call they will probably give you the credit. To my knowledge that old credit and coupon expired last year but was still be honored last I heard. These coupons have a valid date so there will be no question in getting the credit.

You are right, in hindsight I should have mentioned it to avoid the pessimisstic points of view but did not see the need at the time. I did not see that there were people trying to be Debbie Downer. I asked for nothing in return from anyone and paid money out of my pocket to send in stamps and envelopes. I also was unaware that there was actually a 'referral program' when I started this post. Last week COMC sent me these cards and the letter said to hand them out which I have done.

That is all for now as I have more pressing things to take care of such as taking candy from babies and knocking over old ladies.
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