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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Don't hold yourself responsible for other the actions of others.

I buy direct from artists I like when I can afford to. I buy "lottery tickets" in the form of sealed boxes to try and get cards from artists outside my budget. I think the tug-of-war is mostly between the artists and the people trying to make money off the artist's work. Honestly, the sketch card market the way it is today, if you are a collector with the money to buy cases, you are better off buying singles of exactly what you want.

Anyway, based on the definition of troll that I read, I have trolled up your PC thread like crazy! Sorry about that. I do have some relevant comments though... First of all, I think this is the first ever mail day that I received more than you! Time to update my post on your commission thread Second, I'm pretty freaking amazed these haven't sold yet. They are outside my price range, or I'd snap them up in a hot second.

I'd say the fact that Cap is wearing red shorts may have something to do with that cards non sale. Maybe the attempt at some sort of optical effect on Cap's shield by Hall isn't working either. Details details details.

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