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Originally Posted by justice41 View Post
I'd say the fact that Cap is wearing red shorts may have something to do with that cards non sale. Maybe the attempt at some sort of optical effect on Cap's shield by Hall isn't working either. Details details details.
Cap has been around for a LONG time and I'm not much of a comic book reader, so I didn't realize that was a costume inaccuracy. I would never stipulate that I'm familiar with all of the slight costume variations that have appeared over time for these 30+ (or about 50+ I think for Cap) year old characters. One of my biggest sketch card peeves is when cards with costume inaccuracies get approved. What is the point of the approval process? Just to make sure you own the license on all the characters on the cards? Seriously... its ridiculous. It is a very nice card though and I remember there being quite the bidding war so Monkey clearly wasn't the only person interested. At least one person was willing to pay up to $1 less than he did. The fact that nobody has taken a stab at it since he has relisted still surprises me.

As for Hall, some of his cards are very good but I agree that many of them are not. I do like this particular one, despite the funny shield effect. Based on its current list price compared to other single character and/or "incomplete" Halls, I'm surprised it is still around also. Generally speaking though, for the same price there are other artists I prefer. One reason I won't be adding a Hall to my collection anytime soon unless its a pack pull (and that will probably be sold/traded for a high priced artist I prefer).
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