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Stryker Trahan- Taking A Flyer on Catcher who can Fly


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by RyanW

I get a lot of questions about which low priced prospects I would recommend. For me that goes against my general prospecting philosophy because prospects, even high end prospects, are inherently risky. With that being said, I tend to focus generally on Top 100 types with a preference for hitters, big markets, power, and premium positions. Focusing on those factors, reduces the risk without giving up a proportional amount of reward. However, it is fun to swing for the fences now and then, especially if a players tools suggest the light could come on at any moment. It may also be the case, although rare, that the prospecting community may have overlooked a prospect and prices reflect it. Bowman Draft presents a good opportunity to find some of the price anomalies, as prospects get very little playing time in some cases after signing. The Bowman Draft product is usually stacked with guys that may have flown under the radar. Enough of my blabbering and on to the substance….2012-Bowman-Draft-Chrome-Prospect-Autographs-Stryker-Trahan-210x300

Stryker Trahan is a prospect that I am willing to roll the dice on. His Bowman Draft Base Auto is trading at $9.00 (See Price Guide) as of this post. Stryker was drafted by the Diamond Backs in the first round and flashes both plus raw power and above average speed, which is a rarity among catchers. Physically, he also looks the part…it is easy to see him crushing some baseballs in the future. Baseball Prospectus rates his tools as follows 6+ arm, 7 Raw Power, and 6 run.

John Sickels had the following to say in his Arizona Top 20 Prospects for 2013 about Stryker.
“7) Stryker Trahan, C, Grade B: 2012 first rounder features good combination of power, patience, and speed as an offensive player. He has the tools to catch, but even if he ends up as an outfielder his bat will play.”

The athleticism and work ethic I have read about, along with Styrker’s early success in the Arizona League (Baseball Reference Stats) which included .422 OBP, 8 SB’s, and 5 HR in 167 AB, gives me some comfort in thinking he should have continued success. The arm and athletic ability give him a decent shot at staying behind the plate as well. If it all works out you could be looking at a power hitting catcher, with a plus arm, and the ability to make something happen on the bases. That combination would have Stryker shooting up prospects lists with his prices sure to follow.

Next post…I’ll tell you who I am highest on from the 2012 Bowman Draft release.

Buy Stryker!
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