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Originally Posted by Rian Fike View Post
One of the biggest selling points for sketch cards is the nearness to the release date. Any time a new set releases, the prices are high as collectors scramble to add the new set to their collection.

Two months later, prices drop drastically. I don't know if it is a competition thing among collectors during the first few weeks of release, or if the collectors complete master sets and then move on to the next new release.
Yes, I totally agree BUT Upper Deck products do tend to stand the test of time (compared to Rittenhouse at least). I assume just because the scarcity relative to the Rittenhouse releases. There are way less sketch cards to begin with, they are inserted less than every box, and the artists numbers for the "hits" are generally pretty low in comparison (100 is quite a bit for a modern Upper Deck set, below average for a Rittenhouse set). You can argue the Upper Deck boxes contain other "hits", but only top autos pull the same as a sketch. Holos and plates generally don't make back the box price.
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