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Arrow Got an email from the 1/1 Cardboard Crusader last night! LOL

Here is my listing, it is an ebay 1/1 Peyton Manning jersey# dual Sign of the Times Eli/Peyton Auto.

2004 SP Authentic Sign of The Times Dual Peyton Eli Manning RC Auto 18 50 1 1 | eBay

Here is the email I got from the 1/1 Cardboard Crusader:

Dear astronixcards,

This is not a 1/1 it is a 18/50 I will be contacting ebay about your listing.

- far-outdude

I thought that was pretty funny! Here is my reply:

Dear far-outdude,

Why? It's a 1/1 jersey number and there are buyers out there that collect these and marking it as a 1/1 helps them find them in a search engine.

I won't change the listing because it is what it is. Good luck contacting ebay about the 10 million other listings that are exactly the same way.

- astronixcards

I wish this dork good luck on his journey to rid the world of ebay 1/1's! LOL

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