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Originally Posted by CALVINXLIONSX81 View Post
Yeah, how do you think I got in so much cap trouble?
So you traded Tulloch away and now you are $65 million in the hole for 2013? Just looking at your team you have $15.21 million in space with $10.05 million reserved for your rookie contracts. That means, after the draft you have $5.16 million left. You only have 4 draft picks, which means you will need to field, at a minimum, the positions below with just over $5 million.

Looking at your roster, you have:
- 0 FB
- 0 C
- 0 RG
- 0 RT
- 0 P

- 1 QB
- 1 LT
- 1 LG
- 1 LE
- 1 RE
- 1 MLB
- 1 ROLB
- 1 FS
- 1 SS

I hope Kaepernick and Peterson bought life insurance with no offensive line!
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