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What would your jersey number be? and why?-54 my first jersey number got it playing middle school basketball
What sport/position would you play?-Football-left tackle. Baseball 2nd base, basketball center
What would your nickname be? the truemountaineer
What would you do after your athletic career is over? I would open a hobby shop in Morgantown, WV
Would you be faithful to the team that drafted you, or would you want to play for the team that you root for now? I would be faithful to the team that drafted to me because they gave me a chance
and lastly...
You just won the championship game. What are you going to do now? Im going to buy ever single Bruce Irvin card on ebay+ WVU season ticket all sports for life
Always buying WVU game used or event worn
Do you have unique WVU items? Let me know
"Once A Mountaineer, Always A Mountaineer" -Pat White
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