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What would your jersey number be? and why?

46, when I was a kid the only jersey that was small enough to not be a tent on me was 46, so I kept it.

What sport/position would you play?

Hockey, left wing.

What would your nickname be?

They called me "The Pest" in college, I imagine it would have continued to stick.

What would you do after your athletic career is over?

Politics. Television analyst probably.

Would you be faithful to the team that drafted you, or would you want to play for the team that you root for now?

No, I'd race to Philadelphia and be a Flyer as soon as I could... unless the money took me elsewhere.

and lastly...
You just won the championship game. What are you going to do now?

Go on Letterman... not going to the White House though.

Would you charge the fans at the signings?

I don't think I could. I wouldn't do those events very often. I'm a goon but a lovable goon.
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