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yikes plus no cases in the prize list for $199 gonna be thinking really hard about this

Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
any of these, the first 20 squares may already have no chance:

Total Combined Points (Carmelo Anthony + Kobe Bryant + LeBron James)

Total Combined Rebounds (Kevin Garnett + Joakim Noah + David Lee)

Total Combined Points (Dwyane Wade + LeBron James + Chris Bosh)

Total Combined Assists (Kyrie Irving + Chris Paul + Tony Parker)

Total Combined Points (Jrue Holiday + Zach Randolph + Paul George)

Total Combined Points (Russell Westbrook + Kevin Durant + James Harden)

Total Points Eastern Conference (1st Half)

Total Points Western Conference (2nd Half)

Total Combined Assists (Eastern Conference)

Total Combined Assists (Western Conference)

Total Combined Rebounds (Eastern Conference)

Total Combined Rebounds (Western Conference)

Anthony Barr On Card Autos
Allen Iverson on Card Autos
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