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Originally Posted by mr_yoshi_san View Post
yikes plus no cases in the prize list for $199 gonna be thinking really hard about this
You have to think of it this way,

Blowout can not create a cash buyin pool because this is not a gambling site. The rewards are very generous. Yes the buyin is a bit pricy but you are BUYING a box of cards, the price may be a little high for the box of cards you are buying but you have a 1:5 chance to win. If you win ANY of the prizes you are going to come out significantly ahead. I mean honestly if you win any of the box lots like the sportskings lot you are doing very well. I think blowout already did the math and are giving away quite a bit, not as much as the SB promo but still they are giving away enough. They cant run promos like the SB promo all of the time or else the company would end up going bankrupt. The only thing I think would be better is if they made the 100 boxes average out to a value of $100-$150 per box instead of what they have now..

Regardless I think its a nice promo, it just wont see as much attention as the SB promos now..

Thanks again B.O. for another great promo
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