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What would your jersey number be? and why? If I were playing offensive line like I did in high school, the number would be 55. #@#@#@#@ the linebackers, that's my number. If I played TE or FB (since I think i am too small to play OL) the number would be 12.

What sport/position would you play? Football, and either OL, FB, or TE.

What would your nickname be? Broadstreet, since I open up holes.

What would you do after your athletic career is over? Be some type of analyst for sports.

Would you be faithful to the team that drafted you, or would you want to play for the team that you root for now? I would prefer to play for the Bengals...

and lastly...
You just won the championship game. What are you going to do now? Getting laid and stealing Bibi Jones from Gronk.
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Don't ask me how much I want to offer. Come with a price in mind. If I don't want it or think it's worth that, I will let you know.
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