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I don't think people debate the authenticity of the cards being pulled but rather two fairly larger problems with "Heroes of Sport"

(1) Boomo turns people off. Yea, he's an honest guy but he's also a real douche when it comes to interacting with other people and it's hard to put your money behind a guy like that.

(2) The product devalues the whole sports card industry. It adds nothing new, and only regurgitates what is already out on the market. Topps makes their profit for producing cases, then charging more than the cards within are likely worth (cards lose value when cases are opened), Heroes of sport puts a lot of junk in these expensive cases and then takes their profit (so the cards lose even more value) and then it falls BACK into the hands of someone else.

All these guys are doing is transferring ownership of high end cards from one person to another ... for quite a profit I would imagine.

Winners - Heroes of Sport / eBay / Paypal / The United States Post Office (although they don't know how to turn a profit).

Losers - Everyone else
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