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Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
i think someopne already said the average is about 130....

don't really think there is a feasible way to run a group break with this when you don't even know what box or sport you'd be getting

highly possible... you get one team per slot you purchase in the group break... you buy 4 slots, you get 4 teams.... (say $135 for the first, $130 each for everyone after that)...

It would be a multi-sport break... probably 32 slots.... Say the boxes we get are football and baseball... Then we would have 62 teams to draft from (whoever gets 1st and 2nd pick overall would only get 1 team, and rightfully so)... If we get boxes from 3 sports, then there would be 92 teams to draft from (And 4 people would get 2 teams, everyone else would get 3)...

It would be up to each individual to incorporate strategy, common knowledge and preference of sports to determine if they draft all teams from one sport, or spread it out, or neglect one sport and not two others, etc....
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