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Default Nice Case of Legends of Sport Leaf

12 box case and here are some of the good hits:

Bronze Auto:
Frank Thomas
Hulk Hogan
Bradley Beal
Doug Martin
Magic Johnson
Carl Yastrzemski AKA
Karl Malone AKA
Pete Rose Champions

Silver Auto
Larry Holmes
Don SHula
Bob Griese
Randy White
Nancy Kerrigan
Mike Tyson Award Winner

Gold auto
Dennis Rodman Champions
Larry Holmes

Paul Warfield
Jan Stenerud

Now for the bigger hits
Nolan Ryan Auto jersey
Will Clark Numeration 22/22
Larry Bird Numeration /33
Alistair Overeem Plate
Damian Lillard
Rod Carew Purple auto jersey 1/1
Jack Nicklaus silver 5/5
Ichiro Plate

All on ebay some auctions some BIN/BO...
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