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Default Question for all collectors here

I just recently got a John Elway autograph card in a trade. It came from a fellow collector, and he has good feedback, I trust this guy. A guy I know out here was visiting the other day, and he looks at this Elway auto card, and asks if i am wanting to sell it. I never say never. You just never know if you get an offer you cannot refuse. So he looks at it, and says well it is not numbered, there is no "COA" that is normally printed on the back of the card by panini. He says the auto sticker centering is to perfect for him. He then goes on to say, I just don't know about it. I think someone could have gotten the sticker off another card of a "lower" player, then washed the auto off it, and then forged Elways' auto on it. I do not believe him on this at all. But for arguements sake so i can throw it in his face. For those that know the safety features on Panini auto stickers. What are the odds of this happening ? The Sticker has the Holographic authenticators on it. If anyone wants to know. I think this guy is just trying to find a way to get it for cheaper, what do you all think ? I appreciate any feedback . I think this card is legit, I got it for myself mainly.
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