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Originally Posted by Chuck Bartowski View Post
Based on current prices it will be more than $4000.
Yep... Based on guesstimations for cases at $1k. I can see The main 7 autos alone being anywhere from $2,500 on a very low end ($357 avg per card) to $4,550 + on a high end. ($650 avg per card.)

13 other autos for avg $45 each $585

With 29 costumes at an average of $45 per card that's $1,300 (this might be really low because the costumes on eBay are going for a lot)

7 dual costumes which I would assume $100 to $200 per card, is $700-$1,400

A printing plate can easily bring a few hundred being 1 per 3 cases

Both redemption cards can easily sell for $800 min to $1,400

Obviously we won't be able to know until the set is released
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