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A few moments that I will never forget:

Live in-person:

When Nigel McGuiness beat Morishima for the ROH title. It was one of the greatest matches I seen live, the crowd was SUPER into the match. I wasn’t a huge Nigel fan, I’m still not – he’s ok but I’m not in love with him.. but they got me really into the match. When Nigel won, the place went CRAZY.

I have been a wrestling fan since about 1997, but I didn’t go to my first show until about 2006. The first match I saw live was Homicide vs. Jerry Lynn, there was nothing really special about the match itself, but I will always remember it as the first one I seen live.

Also from the first show I seen live was a three way hardcode match with Samoa Joe, Rhino and Abyss. Before the match I was a Samoa Joe fan, but that match started to solidify him as my favorite wrestler. I’ve seen Joe live probably close to a dozen times, there’s just something about him being so different that puts him #1 in my book.

Another was the first PPV I went to, I think it was TNA Hard Justice in 2008? In Trenton, the main event was Booker T vs. Samoa Joe. During the show Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal had a gimmick match where they were handcuffed together wearing tuxedos. I think to win you had to strip your opponents clothes off – seriously. During the match 3,000 people were chanting “Fire Russo!” – and Dixie Carter was sitting a few yards from me lol, it was priceless seeing her face during the chants.

Watching on TV live:

I think it was Armageddon in 1999? It was Triple H vs. Vince in some sort of hardcore match, any way Stephanie came out and turned on Vince and kissed Triple H. As a kid I thought that angle was pretty cool.

The Kurt Angle “announcement”. Nobody in the wrestling world knew for sure who TNA was bringing in; Angle, Goldberg, Lesnar.. there was even “Goldberg” chants before the Angle video. I pretty much marked out, that was the first real big signing in TNA history imo – Sting was close up until that point.

Also to go along with the Angle thing.. the Angle/Joe confrontation and the first three Joe vs. Angle matches. The first one at Genesis was great but it was a little short.. regardless though, the first three matches between them were amazing.
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