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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
Not every store can get in on these Cryptozoic releases anymore. I know that a lot of distributors were only selling cases of this or Walking Dead to stores that had ordered the first release. Their way of rewarding stores that helped make the first release successful. It kind of stinks since my LCS did not order Walking Dead Series 1, so I was shut out of getting a full case, hell I was lucky to get the four boxes I ended up getting.
That is a cool way of rewarding the stores that helped sell the product

My local store though has nothing. If you want battle cards, you'll love it. Other than that, no walking dead, bbt, football, baseball, non sports, etc. They didn't even know what the walking dead season 2 cards were when I inquired about them.

Only other store I have is a sports store..after couple emails owner said to preorder anything to email couple months in advance and he'll find out if he can get it. Hoping to get 1 case, 2 would be amazing, of Walking Dead fingers crossed he can get for a good price or back to the web I go.
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