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Originally Posted by AceGambit3 View Post
according to the vendor I spoke to, they are not stocking them fully. He told me at the stores he had already done, he was putting half the packs out, while the other half stayed in back. Checked feed he put out and 24 packs were there so 24 were still sitting in warehouse, unable to come home with me
That's stupid. I'm assuming the gravity feeders are just random individual packs with no set number of any hits per gravity. If by any chance it was, not putting them all out would throw off the number per feeder.

The vendors don't leave any of the cards "in the back". At least not at walmart and targets. They bring all the product in their vehicle to the store, check what needs to be replenished, throw away cause its discontinued, and add new product. So say there was some sort of number like 1 wardrobe per 3 feeders, then putting the product back in the truck with the rest of them just mixed it all up and randomized.

Either the stores think people are going to steal packs, or the vendors just don't think the BBT retail packs are going to sell. No reason to not fully stock it otherwise
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