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Thanks guys! Yeah, it's been a pretty good day all around...

*These boxes show up - get good hits.

*Check with my distributor to see if any UD product from the late fall I was interested in has come available to people without a brick&mortar store - YES! Grabbed a 6 box case of Marvel Premiere for unoeightyfiver a box...

*Have been on a wait list or in process of commissioning a specific Artist's Proof of a favorite cover with 3 artists - no communication back from anybody. Out of the blue, decide to hit up another of my favorites and, hey!! Studio Mia is all over a Marvel Bronze Age AP in less than 12 hours!

Monday's usually stink. Not this one!
Will 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 be the year Panini finds Marvin Harrison & Marcus Allen to sign their NFL's Greatest Signatures cards?
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