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Exclamation USPS Damaged my BGS 9.5/10 Patrick Peterson NT

I sold this card on here to someone for 195, insured.

Pics are below...packaged this card in a graded card sleeve, with a dummy card and a half on each side and inside another graded card sleeve...

Already told buyer refund is no problem.....this is the first time I have ever had a card damaged in the mail

Now to the USPS
If I file a claim with them on this item, will I get a refund of 195? Will I get a partial refund?

If they do refund me in full or partial, do they keep the card or do I keep the card + whatever refund is given?

It is obviously not BGS 9.5 anymore which diminishes the value...just would like to know what to expect before I go that route from anyone who has been down that road...


Picture before it was shipped
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