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Originally Posted by bigbensbff View Post
USPS insurance claims tend to be a hassle. First off if you sold it here then you don't have the eBay listing for a "value".

USPS is very reluctant to accept claims on cards. It's going to be difficult to prove the $195 value on that card. They very rarely accept eBay completed listings or Beckett values to prove the value. To them you could have sent a 1990s common and over insured it.

There have been times on cards where they will only pay an amount less then you insured for. The reviewer will tell you that you over insured and we will only cover this for $100.

Shipcover is much better but I'm pretty sure that only is for eBay deals.

I also believe that even if you win full amount you are still out the card. if that happens you will use the insurance to refund your buyer and you have the damaged card.

In a nut shell, insurance claims are a nightmare on sports cards
So even with paypal receipt showing buyer paid 195 for it and tracking number showing it was sent to that person's address it is a hassle? WOW haha
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