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Originally Posted by wheeler281 View Post
Krup hit it on the head. You are better off using a 3rd party for insurance. As stated the usps does not recognize card value. Not even completed ebay listings. Just to easy to fabricate I guess. Using usps for insurance is a waste of money

Sorry to see that happened Tim. I think we pm'ed back and forth before about usps insurance. Good Luck man. Squeaky wheel gets the greases. Sometimes you can get lucky. Either way it will take a long long time
Yeah that is what I am worried about, bad as this is, the one thing that is unique is the auto grade which has not been damaged...I was considering once I refund the buyer to send it too beckett in current slab and see if edges could get bgs 8...which would put card at bgs 8.5 with 10 to drop a full point..Figure maybe the card would be 100-125 at grade so I am out 70-100 bucks roughly vs waiting a long time

funny is I thought about our convo after I got the PM from buyer...haha

what protection do sellers have here insuring high end items? UPS...FED-EX...?
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