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Originally Posted by hamoody22 View Post
I'm guessing your talking about my sketch...With the exception of one problem...You made no offer...Each one of your messages to me started with "I'm not making an official offer...& ended with "just asking to know"...Thanks for your interest though...
I don't know what your guys' communications have been like but I think he's talking about the vast majority of cards up for sale. The many Ricks with $799 BIN/BOs that would and have sold for $200-250 at auction. Heck, I'm kicking myself for forgetting to bid on a Charles Hall Rick that recently ended at ~$225 (though the artist wasn't listed in the auction). With your card, one of the most sought out for being an awesome card and a preview card, I think getting $400+ would be a victory for you. Again, it's your card and you may only want to part with it for a killer price, but I get what he's saying when looking at the subpar or 'okay' Ricks that people are asking $500-700 for.

edit: for example, one of the Ricks by Hendrickson sold for $128 at auction. It's a nice card, but the guy did like 20 Rick sketches for the set. That's why I personally value Season 1 character sketches over Season 2: characters were actually scare in S1.

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