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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
Amazing collections, everyone!

Since this is baseball, I'll post a few starting with the two men credited for starting it all...

Founding Fathers Mr. Abner Doubleday:

and Mr. Alexander Cartwright:

Presidents that have thrown out the first pitch...

Bill Clinton:

Barack Obama:

Calvin Coolidge:

Dwight D. Eisenhower:

Franklin D. Roosevelt:

George H. Bush:

Herbert Hoover:

Harry S. Truman:

John F. Kennedy:

Richard Nixon:

Warren G. Harding:

William Taft:

Woodrow Wilson:

Some "Presidents and Players"...

Mickey Mantle:

Joe Dimaggio:

Lou Gehrig:

Babe Ruth:

Honus Wagner:

Cy Young:

One of my favorite items, a very hard autograph to track down...

"Old Pete" - Grover Cleveland Alexander:

A painted 1/1... go along with this gem mint 10 auto of one of my favorite players, Roberto Clemente:

And last but certainly not least - Legendary autos from "Eight Men Out":
I would say something, but my jaw is shattered from hitting the desk, then the floor. Of course trying to find the words to describe your collection is like talking during a beautiful sunset. Sometimes you just gotta be quiet and enjoy the view.
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