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Default Remember Woody !! Galaxy Note 2

I dont know if you remember but , I do . There was a guy selling just the dvd covers to Toy Story 3 movie .. He made a voice message that would come on immediately as you clicked the link on his item.... It went something like ... " STOP ... STOP .. THIS IS NOT THE DVD ... STOP STOP.. it was awesome. .
He did this you ask why. Because even after he boldly advertised his product for $1 .. that it was just a Cover .. No Movie .. people bought the item.. after receiving it they would go and raise hell with ebay and drop negatives like crazy on him ..

Well , I see the same future for this guy. Unless of course the accessories to this phone are well worth the price.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Empty Box with Original Accessories 610214631176 | eBay
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