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Once Selanne retires, I can't imagine he'd go another year. But we've been saying that for 5 years. Also, I have a feeling once Teemu retires, Koivu won't be around either. They are both UFA after this season.

Anyway, once Teemu is gone, Perry is the 'face' of Anaheim. I don't see them letting him go. I could see Getzlaf going somewhere and it mightb e hard to keep both. I don't know what's up with Bobby Ryan? If he's not performing his name will unfortunately come up again He's booked until 2015. Anaheim has quite a few decent young players in the system that will be full time soon. I think Hiller would actually be a good trade too. He's only got one more year on his contract. He's a great goalie and a totally stole the job from Jiggy, but the sparkle is wearing off.
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