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Originally Posted by ncm7772 View Post
I actually think they could use either about the same. All these people seem to think that because the Pens have played good defense so far this season, their problems are solved. Don't think so!! They need another shutdown D-Man, and Robert Bortuzzo isn't the answer (although I do think he's been quite solid so far). They played decent defense for the first 60 games last year, then were abysmal in the last 1/4 of the regular season, and the playoff stats speak for themselves. So essentially, this season is starting as last season did, and we all know how thta went. But I would love to see them pick up a winger for Sid, and put Kunitz back w/ Malkin + Neal. That was arguable the best line in hockey last year.

I'd love to see Iginla in Pittsburgh, but I don't think it will happen. I don't see the Pens picking up his contract.
I think Bortuzzo has been playing great this year. He has stepped up. He will also stand up for his teammates. The one player that I think is struggling is Despres. Every game I watch it looks like he does not know what he is doing and looks scared. I like Iginla in the past but do not think he would be a good fit. I think Shero will make good deal for someone as he always does.

Also nice avatar pic. I just picked up one of his certified autos for my Pens stanley cup project.
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