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Originally Posted by nyisle View Post
No, been going in for about 8 years, Pete is the owner, great guy. There are a few other members on here that frequent that store. I used to go in a few times a week. Thats why I was wondering if you had ever been.
I second this. I have only been to one other shop in AZ and I have not been there in some time. I will make the extra trip to see Pete/Tron and some of the other guys I have gotten pretty friendly with over the past 4-6 years. I go usually once a month and sometimes more depending on what I need or what is out. Pete also has a Texting list for new products and the trade days.

They also hold a trading day at least one saturday a month. I still have not gone to one, and always kick myself for not going. I hear they are really good.
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