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Figured I would give some more info:

How Sully's Playoff Fantasy Football works:

1. This is NOT a draft style league. In theory, 100+ teams could have the same roster. There are 6 tie breaking stats you will pick, in addition to your team roster, to ensure there are no ties (in 8 years of running this, a tie breaker has only been needed for breaking ties for 2nd or 3rd place. The champion has always won outright).

2. The tie breakers are as follows:

- Correct AFC Super Bowl Team (1 pt)

- Correct NFC Super Bowl Team (1 pt)

- Prediction of coin toss (heads or tails) (1 pt)

- Total points (by team):

- Exact total: 10 pts, 5 pts for closest

a. Tie break points will ONLY be applied to teams in a tie situation.

b. A total of 23 points can be gained, in a tie situation, for a perfect tie break submission.

c. You will score points at a position as long as that team remains in the playoffs. Therefore, you will have the following number of scoring players on your team each, each week:

Week 1 - 8 scoring players on your roster (4 games, 8 teams)

Week 2 - 4 scoring players (2 games, 4 teams)

Week 3 - 2 scoring players (1 game, 2 teams)

3. Weekly scoring, league standings and other largely useless statistics and analytics will be published on this site by NO LATER than the Monday following the game weekends - though usually are done shortly after the games are completed each day.

4. Final participation numbers, rosters and winning payouts will be announced prior to the start of the first round of games, on Saturday, 1/10/09.

5. All results are compiled and published using an Excel spreadsheet. Statistics posted on - Official Site of the National Football League are the OFFICIAL statistics for purposes of this league.

THE REST OF THE DETAILS ARE AT: Sully's Playoff Fantasy - 2010 if you join, tell him Scoppa sent you. THANKS! Good luck.j if you have any questions, let me know!
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