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Default Case Breaks, Listings, Sales etc.

Let me start off by saying this is not meant for or about any one or two people on this board. Not trying to single anyone out this is just some friendly advice for all newer members.

Its getting ridiculous with all the case break posts, spamming listings and selling posts from members with ZERO board credibility. While this board is not Beckett's and hopefully never will be towards new members, there has to be some type of understanding somewhere. Most people will not take you seriously if you have 8 posts and their all spamming something of yours.

Everyone on here was new at one time or another and you had to establish yourself and feel your way around until people got to know you and saw you as a straight up guy. Going all the way back to the old boards, I don't ever recall someone posting that they got beat on any deals and I think everyone wants to keep it that way. Obviously I'm not inferring that the new members are a bunch of thieves, I'm just saying that you need to build up your credibility before you can expect people to want to deal with you and send you their money. Try contributing in other ways than just selling or wanting to do breaks. People tend to ignore you if you are just selling something all the time. Get in on others breaks, post some opinions about products or sports in general, get in a fantasy league or maybe make a few trades or purchases off of other members.

Hopefully this helps because speaking for myself, I would like this board to remain as great as its been for the past few years. You can get alot out of it if you don't alienate everyone from the jump. Lots of good information, good people and of course nice p.c. additions or extra money can be made if you establish yourself. Don't be in such a rush and force yourself on people because all it does is turn people on you where they could care less about anything you post.

I hope this is taken as some friendly advice and not as some old member taking shots at newcomers. If I'm out of line with this I'm sure the old heads will rip me good but I'm just speaking my mind as usual.

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