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Default Block Ebayer: dcowboys24!! Clear buyer's remorse.

Ebay ID: dcowboys24

I sold a $50 Jacoby Jones /75 card during the Super Bowl via immediate payment BIN. The above buyer purchased the item within one minute of it being listed. The card was shipped in the proper condition, with the appropriate shipping methods, and was sent promptly within the next two business days with DC. The buyer received his item appropriately, but then I received a message yesterday. He wanted to return the item because he was buying it as a Valentine's Day gift, but had apparently bought two of the same items.

He filed a claim on Ebay, but I pointed on the fact that this was clearly buyer's remorse. I expedited the claim and won.

Moral of the story: Stand your ground and don't let the looters try to take advantage of you.
Check both links! Different items in each.
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