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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
Thank you for the kind words.

Guys I didn't want this to turn into a negative situation. What I think we can do in the future (that is if we want to do a round 3) is reduce the slots to 195 players slots + 1 base slots. There will be no draftable slots for the USA auto's, or any of the additional auto or insert slots. This will leave us with a decent amount of extra cards, some with decent value (Elite Series Auto's, Buidling Block Auto's, 15u USA Auto Patches, etc.) Anyone not receiving a hit (#'d card or auto) would have the remaning cards randomed between them. If there are additional cards after that we would random those amongst everyone.

This would bring the slot price up a buck probably, but it would guarantee absolutely everyone would receive something. As a host, I absolutely HATE people getting shutout or spending good money on a high pick and getting barely anything. It has happened to me before and it's a crappy feeling, but there is always a certain amount of gamble with this hobby.

Negative. Leave it the way it is. Its the risk you take in a player draft. Everyone needs to check out the amount of autos in a case than look at all the possible autos. Not every slot will hit. I'm ready for round 3 Great job hosting. Also that draft went pretty fast I thought.
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