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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
Ahh I see, ... you're good at this!

I'm absolutely lost!

So are my #s of 3,3 9,9 and 2,7 any good or do I look to be REALLY gambling with these?

3,3 and 2,7 I'd say are really good as a combo(but I'm partial to anything with a chance of hitting the Prizm or Contenders packages). You definitely have a chance at getting more than one of those (Kobe scored 27 last year, and LBJ and Durant scored in the mid 30s).

You're just on the outside of the range of the assist and rebound categories, and probably a little too high for the Holliday/Randolph/George scoring category.

99 has a slim chance of hitting one the Melo/Kobe/LBJ scoring (I think I saw one year where the top 3 scorers combined for 100).
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