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Default 6 Box Big Bang Break...say that 5 times fast :)

Unfortunately, I was only able to get half of my case pre-order from my distributor. As feared, I did get the half case without the auto/costume but still did fairly well.

Box 1 A17 Wil Wheaton (auto does not run off the card like the scan appears) and M-21 Penny's PJ's

Box 2 A15 Carol Ann Susi and M-08 Sheldon's Green Shirt

Box 3 A14 Brian George and M-03 Penny's Blue Floral Tank

Box 4 A9 Kevin Sussman and M-10 Penny's Yellow Floral Tank

Box 5 A8 Aarti Mann, M-17 Raj's Brown Shirt and M-25 Howard's Purple Shirt

Box 6 A11 Christine Baranski, M-05 Howard's Blue Shirt, M-13 Bernadette's Red Scarf and DM-03 Leonard & Sheldon

As for inserts, I am missing E-08, CPL02, CPL05 and CPL08 but have some extras to trade.
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