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Originally Posted by kmc328 View Post
What do I have a shot at with a 5,6 ( not counting the box scores )
You're rooting for a low scoring game. 56 is on the high side of total conference rebounds (52 was the high last year, although in 2011, the totals were 61 and 54). A poor shooting game will generate lots of rebounds and give you an outside chance at hitting one of the conference half point totals (East scored 52 in 2nd half in 2009).

Your best bet is probably one of the three man scoring totals (outside of Holliday/Randolph/George). Melo missing the game could work for you in the Kobe/Melo/Lebron. So again, you're rooting for lots of misses.

You're kind of right on the border of everything (except individual scorers, obviously), so you're not really favored in any one category, but you have an outside shot at a wide range of categories.
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