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Default FS: All My Walking Dead Wardrobe Cards

Only cards I would trade for is big bang theory autos/wardrobe cards I need. Pm if interested in prices. I will post prices on the thread next week for everyone else.

pending sale

Walking Dead Season 1
M1 Rick (Variant)
M3 Lori
M5 Shane
M7 Glenn (white)
M8 Andrea
M9 Amy
M10 Dale
M12 Walker
M13 Walker
M14 Walker
M15 Walker
M16 Walker
M17 Walker

Walking Dead Season 2
M1 Rick
M2 T-Dog
M3 Shane
M5 Andrea
M6 Glenn
M7 Lori
M8 Dale
M9 Sophia
M10 Maggie
M12 Andrea
M14 Hershel
M15 Glenn
M16 Rick
M17 Lori
M18 Carl
M19 Andrea
M20 Sophia
M21 Carol
M22 Hershel
M23 Maggie
M24 Dale
M25 T-Dog
M26 Andrea
M27 Daryl
M28-M32 Walkers

Walking Dead Season 2 Binder with M33 Bus Walker

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