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Nope - nothing was asked for - when I heard this was him that was scammed - and that people started to falsely accuse him of things (when quite simply he was just over trusting and got scammed) I simply wanted to let people know the truth. We need more people like me in this world that are willing to do that for others - I would have posted the same for anyone who I've done decent dollar amount deals with for several years and then found out people were saying untrue things about. Yes - I consider him a good friend that I've met through eBay - I have dozens of good friends like this - what is wrong w/ actually being nice and saying some positive words about people?

Saying he was a part of the scam is rediculous - he was one of the people scammed - big difference there! Anyways, it's amazing how fast people will slam a person when they have no idea what the truth is. Don't falsely accuse people as it is simply wrong. I won't comment anymore in this thread - I simply appreciate that there are members out there where you can do deals with that are more than $20. No need to make fun of my post - I am detailed and just appreciate working with people who are honest, who pay quickly, and who become permanant contacts to buy and sell with year after year.

I stick up for those who deserve it. Too often in this world people are falsely accused. Ok - all I wanted to say, please keep this thread positive - thank you.
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